Sparta VFD News Reports

May 12, 2012:  The newly organized Sparta Volunteer Fire Department sponsored a Community Meeting, May 12, 2012, to discuss the proposed organization of the new Department.  The benefits of having a local volunteer fire department were also discussed.

Representatives of Woodlake and Denman's Loop subdivisions attended the meeting along with a number of other residents of Sparta Valley.  Fire Chief David Kirk and Board of Directors President Pat Beard addressed attendees about the forming of the new department and the advantages of having a fire department dedicated to Sparta Valley.  Currently, our fire emergency support is dispatched from Nolanville.  The new fire station will be less than a quarter mile away from Woodlake and Denman's subdivisions. 

Support for the new department was unanimous, among attendees of this meeting.  The plan in a nutshell:  The new department will continue to train firefighters, procure donated equipment, establish its bylaws and organize itself during the next several months.  With continued community support and with final approval of the Bell County Commissioners and the Bell County Fire Chief's Association, the department will be fully commissioned by October 1, 2012.  The department will then become our first responders and will respond to 911 calls for fire rescue emergencies in our neighborhoods.  Visit: for more information, as the department continues to develop.

On Saturday, 26 May 2012, Sparta Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD) Chief David Kirk headed for the San Antonio area in response to an unusual call from another fire chief.  Chief Domingo Hinojosa Jr., of the Linn-San Manuel Volunteer Fire Department had offered Chief Kirk some badly needed equipment for our newly formed SVFD.  Chief Kirk said the Department received a good amount of personal protective equipment from Chief Hinojosa, including boots, helmets, gloves, etc.   He said they expect to receive a fire truck in another week or so with some ladders and hoses and other essential firefighting equipment.

The firefighting equipment was offered after an unfortunate incident during which a fire recently destroyed the Linn-San Manuel fire station, forcing the fire department to regroup and rebuild.  Complete story of the Linn-San Manuel Fire Department's misfortune which led to Sparta Volunteer Fire Department's good fortune, can be found at the following 2 links:

Linn-San Manuel fire station burns down

Linn-San Manuel fire department plans to rebuild

Chief Kirk presents Chief Hinojosa with a Certivicate of Appreciation from Sparta VFD.  Left to right:
--Chief Kirk. Sparta VFD
--Lieutenant Galvan, Linn-San Manuel VFD
--Chief Hinojosa, Linn-San Manuel VFD
Badly needed fire fighting equipment donated from the Linn-San Manuel Volunteer Fire Department to Sparta VFD.
On June 2&3, 2012:  Firefighters of the SPARTA VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT (SVFD) conducted their first "Fill the Helmet" fund raiser on selected intersections of the Sparta Valley area of emergency service.  SVFD raised more than $1600 over the weekend.  Some donators verified the Department's identity, before giving, by asking firefighters which department they belonged to.
June 9, 2012:  Sparta VFD Chief David Kirk presents a Certificate of Appreciation to Chief Daniel Eaton of the Marathon, Texas Volunteer Fire Department for Chief Eaton's donation of several items of firefighting and rescue equipment including sets of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), a Cascade System for refilling the SCBA and a Hydraulic Extraction Device (Jaws of Life).
July 2012:  This 1979 International Pumper/Tanker was received during the first week of July 2012

SVFD gets income tax exemption under IRS sec. 503 (c) (3)

SVFD helps improve ISO ratings for Sparta Valley

SVFD BBQ and Car Wash events  (flyer)

SVFD 2014 Online AUCTION fundraiser event


Tough day of field training at Woodlake  10-12-2013  (VIDEO)

Sparta VFD helps community get ISO rating elevated

Sparta VFD 2nd Annual 2013 Concert Fundraiser Report  (VIDEO)

Young daughter of Sparta VFD firefighter asks for your help

Sparta VFD donates firefighter's helmet to make child's wish come true  (VIDEO)

SPAGHETTI DINNER FUNDRAISER for Sparta VFD, April 21st, 2013 was a success.  (Click here for video) See discription of event under video.

Sparta VFD responds to nighttime house fire  on Sparta Lane  (VIDEO)

The entire Sparta VFD staff offers our thoughts and prayers to the families of the 4 volunteer firefighters who were shot (2 were killed) in the line of duty December 24, 2012 in New York state.  (STORY HERE)

Sparta VFD's Christmas 2012 "Reindeer Run" was conducted on Saturday, 23 December to the delight of supported families throughout Sparta Valley  (VIDEO)

THIS HOUSE FIRE on HWY 190 near the Stillhouse Hollow dam exit (12/12/2012) gave Sparta VFD an opportunity to exercise its "mutual aid agreement" with Belton fire department and other area fire departments.  (VIDEO)

Our SECOND HOUSE FIRE CALL IN A WEEK was received from the Woodlake Community on 12/3/12  (VIDEO)

FILL THE HELMET December 2012 resulted in contributions of $2872 from generous Sparta Valley residents who litterally REACHED OUT of their car windows to support the fire department  (PHOTOS).

SMOKE DETECTORS AVAILABLE:  Sparta VFD can get residential smoke detectors for those Sparta Valley residents who need one for their home.  Call, write or email to the address at the top of this page.

Sparta VFD's 1st house fire call, 11/25/2012  (VIDEO)

FILL THE HELMET, PLEASE:  Residents of the Sparta VFD Area of Operations will probably see Sparta VFD firefighters at intersections along and near Sparta Road next Saturday and Sunday, December 1st and 2nd, with their protective helmets in their hands.  This will be one of the fire departments few proactive fund raising efforts for the year.  PLEASE put your hand out of your vehicle window and drop what you can afford into the boot.  The department depends on the community's donations for its operating expenses; including essential safety equipment and fuel for the fire trucks.  Your donation will help ensure our volunteer firefighters are well trained and ready to respond to our community when we need them.  Cash or check will be accepted and be greatly appreciated.


SANTA PAL:  Sparta VFD personnel will conduct Santa Pal operations this year.  Low -income families are encouraged to visit the fire station (7041 Sparta Road, phone 254-721-6085 or 254-760-3272) to obtain an application for a Santa Pal children's gift at Christmas time.  Citizens who wish to donate money or unwrapped toys in good condition should also contact the fire station. 

--Woodlake community applauds Sparta VFD

--- Sparta VFD is officially commissioned to receive and respond to fire emergency and EMS calls, as of October 12, 2012.   Story  in Temple Daily Telegram

--- Sparta VFD will ask for your donations during their "Fill the Helmet" campaign at the intersection of FM439/Sparta Rd and at the intersection of Sparta Rd/Water Works Rd soon.This effort had to be rescheduled because of rain.  We will announce when it is scheduled.  Please stop when you see firefighters and drop a few dollars in the helmet to help us get started.  Thank you!

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